Samyfication: es ist genug?


The song “Enough” by Avery Watts with Official Lyrics. ©2011 Pulse Records. All Rights Reserved.


Go into the mind of the everyday grind, of the blind in the darkness
What do we find? It’s a kind of confinement combined with pain,
Aligned by mankind and set to drain

Stuck in a 9 to 5 to stay alive, living in a dive to barely survive
The whole time you try to get ahead,
Just to get a little peace before you get dead
‘Nuff said.

Since your very birth, since your first breath on earth
It seems that life has been preordained
The order that it goes in? I’ll explain:
Welcome to the world, go to school, get a job,
Get married, have a kid, be a dad, be a mom
Move along

Don’t think, don’t stop, don’t dream
Everything in the world is exactly how it seems

Were told how to look, how to act, how to feel
What’s good, what’s bad, what’s fake, what’s real
And when times get tough and it’s hard to deal
Just pick your poison and the pain will heal

Got the blues? There’s plenty of booze to choose,
Drugs to use, money to lose
You don’t need to educate yourself on the truth,
That’s already done
On the evening news

Born to lead, but we act like cattle
Not anymore, get ready for the battle
Sick of it all? Then get one fist up and
Scream at the top of your lungs, hey…

That’s enough
Throw those hands in the air
Get ’em up
Show we’ve had it up to here

Put your seatbelt on, prepare for a collision,
’cause those who see with the eyes of the blind,
They lack vision

Work, eat, sleep, wake, repeat
8 by 5 by countless weeks
Coffee, copies, floppies, faxes
Troubles, traffic, caskets, taxes

FACT IS: Media sees, we find life’s answers in magazines
But why even read?
Everything that you need to believe is on a box we call the TV

Don’t think another thought
Stop, erase, forget what you’ve been taught.
You can cheat what you don’t know – Let’s break it on down:
Here we go!

Your Brain? BAKE IT
Waist? FAKE IT
Don’t have money for it? JUST TAKE IT
Your Hair? DYE IT
Courage? BUY IT
This will make it bigger over night, just try it

Go into the world and make a name
Or just do it online, in a video game
You can stay inside until you scream
And live your life in front of a screen
It’s sickening

What have we become?
You’re better than all that, don’t play dumb
It’s never too late to change all this stuff
Don’t be afraid, stand up, say…


All this pissin’, dissin’, and bitchin’ got me on a mission
My ambition got you wishin’ you weren’t in the position
To be the personal ignition of my lyrical rage
I’m out the cage, blowing off the ever-lovin’ chain

To put it plain mein: I’m Gone
I’m the bane of all existence from this day on
If you want more – that man I be
I’ll snatch your eyes out ‘cha head before you get a chance to see
Who me?

That’s right son, best believe it
’cause unlike some when I say it — I MEAN IT
I’m droppin’ tricky tongue tracks when I put out the wax
Now let’s bring the hook back so everybody can relax


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